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Vaginal Health 101: Empower Your Vagina with Estriol

There aren’t many magazines with headlines about the health of your vagina. There’s no school class about women's delicate hormone balance and how it changes over the years. But, there are a million books, articles and products talking all about sex and our vagina; the focus of the attention is on whether our vajazzle is ready for some razzle-dazzle.

Whether you're in the periods, pregnancy, or menopausal stage, your vagina, and your hormonal health has more to do with how you feel than about whether it works for anyone else. Vaginal health plays a role in our overall health, from comfort or discomfort, to self-esteem, to intimacy (alone or with others).

For younger women, there can be the harmful stigma that your vajayjay should be some sort of Shangri-La of perfection, with nary a trouble, except periods which are totally gross... Oh, or if you’ve had babies, then your vagina is obviously ruined… Oh, and, if you’re post-menopausal, then there’re actual tumbleweeds and a closed sign down there…

Well, excuse us, but Hell No. F*%K that.

What is Good Vaginal Health?

Keeping the flow down below starts with good vaginal health. See our 6 Tips For Your Lady Bits for some guidelines. Your body is not in a fixed state, and sometimes, issues do arise with our vaginas that can cause us distress such as itching, tearing, and pain. It might not be something you read about, but not only are these problems common, there are actually solutions, one of which is estriol. A mild hormone, it can have powerful effects on our vaginal health post-menopause, but even for younger women there are some specific situations in which it can be particularly useful. Our Silky Peach cream contains 1mg of bioidentical estriol per pump, delivering a localized, topical amount of this dream cream straight to where it's needed the most!

Firstly, after the vaginal delivery of a baby. This experience, though joyful and incredibly productive (y'know, cause you made a whole human), can create rips in vaginal, perineal, and often anal tissue. Sometimes an episiotomy has created some nice clear edges which can then be resewn, but often the skin rips leaving tears which, when resewn, result in lots of scar tissue. The body will work hard to heal the damaged skin. Estriol can help by promoting regrowth and ensuring a regular supply to the damaged tissue.

**For premenopausal women still cycling, Silky Peach Cream can be used daily during days 1-15 of the cycle, to follow following the natural surge of estrogen in the first half of the cycle.**

Secondly, it can be helpful in cases of both early surgical menopause and natural menopause. For many reasons, women have hysterectomies before the natural age of menopause. The ovaries are the main supply of estrogen and are often left in place. But, they do rely - in part - on the feedback communication system from the uterus to make hormones. With a uterus removed, the other hormones related to the reproductive cycle will slow production because that feedback stops. This eventually mimics natural menopause with a drop in amounts of progesterone and estrogen made by the ovaries.

How Do I Manage These Symptoms?

We know what happens to your vagina without estrogen; some women might report symptoms to their doctor – but it’s the popular symptoms that get the attention – hot flashes, night sweats, foggy thinking. Less often reported is vaginal dryness. Some women go for years and years with a dry vagina and painful sex, not realizing there is a solution.

Driven largely by the media, menopause is often thought of in a negative (and wrinkly) light, as are postpartum bodies. However, this is often due to the fact that it is not openly talked about, and when women do face issues, they may not be aware of how they are all connected. We’re trying to change this with what we call, ‘The Girlfriend Network’.

Our goal is to share information, our problems, and potential solutions. Our company has been propelled by the Girlfriend Network, and if you think Silky Peach could be the cream of someone’s dreams, be sure to share, and if it's the cream of your dreams...well, what are you waiting for?