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Understanding Hormone Receptors

What is a hormone receptor, and how do they work? On the inside of every cell there are a large number of molecules called receptors. These receptors are the eyes and the ears of the cell, waiting for messages which they then act upon.

The messages come in the form of chemicals in the bloodstream; hormones are chemical messengers that fit into special hormone receptors.

When they fit together or bind, the receptor can initiate multiple signals which ultimately change the behaviors of the target cells. They do things like activate or deactivate genetic messages, transport metabolites, or control enzymatic activity to manage your metabolism.

A good example of this is estriol receptors. These are found in various places across a woman’s body: breasts, ovaries, vagina, bones, brain, liver, colon, skin, and salivary gland...to name just a few.

When the hormone estriol connects with a receptor, different actions occur depending on the location. We’re most interested in the large number of estriol receptors located in the vaginal wall. When estriol binds to these receptors, the cells of the vagina send signals to repair the tissue, plump the skin up, and make moisture. And that is what we want.

We’ve heard heartbreaking stories from women who’ve given up on sex because their vagina’s become too dry and friction during sex would tear their skin and from women who are less concerned with sex, but are driven crazy due to constant vaginal itching and irritation. We know there is a solution – it’s the estriol in the Silky Peach Cream!