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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Hotflashes? Painful sex? Those b****** are GONE!" - Diane K.

Silky Peach Cream
Missing the fun you used to have in the sack?

Heal the pain in your lady bits and end unwanted abstinence


Get your sexy BACK on!

Ready to end your unwanted abstinence?

You can color the grey,
You can moisturize the wrinkles...
But what can you do to revive your aging lady bits?

Freaked out from the hellish 'dry vagina' google search?

We’ve got you covered, from the sex to the science.

Not knowing why something is happening can often be the scariest part of a problem. Let’s face it, we’ve all googled ‘burning, dryness, itchy vagina?’ or something along those lines, and then had a panic when WebMD invariably tells us the likelihood is, of course, death by way of some horrible disease.

No thanks. Especially when the problem is as simple as a drop in estrogen around menopause. This drop leads to a whole lot less fluid and flow in your flower. Which means increased burning, soreness, and a higher chance of damage.

The solution is Estrogen. But not from mare's urine

Cuz that crap can give you breast cancer and heart disease.

Yes, Hormone Replacement Therapy is a wonder treatment. Just ask your mom. But turns out, the estrogen from pregnant horse urine is kinda like human estrogen... but different enough to cause some nasty side-effects.

So how to get all the bennies without the bad stuff? By using bioidentical Estriol. Estriol is a weaker and safer form of Estrogen, derived from yam and soy plants and created to exactly match the Estriol your body makes naturally.

So if it's so great, why aren't the pharmaceutical companies using it? Because they can't patent plants.

You’ve got the peach, we’ve got the cream

Parlor Games Silky Peach cream uses 1mg of Estriol to make sure you stay… *ahem* juicy.

Much like a peach, as we age, we get a little wrinkly. These wrinkles and loss of ‘juice’ can have some unwanted side effects, like burning, itching or tearing, especially during sex. Because our cells are no longer able to provide enough lubrication or repair themselves, this isn’t a problem that is going away on its own. But our cream provides topical delivery of just the right amount of Estriol to aid in rebuilding and rejuvenating the delicate vaginal tissue. Now, ain’t that peachy?

Gentle yet powerful repair, right where you need it

Bioidentical Estriol that repairs and rejuvenates. (And that’s all.)

You want a cream that does what it’s supposed to, and nothing more. No laundry list of side effects. Paraben free formula. Founded by women, with a focus on science and a formula that delivers a clinical dose, Parlor Games cream will keep your downstairs healthy and ready.

We could list ALL the benefits in this headline

Or we could just tell you that sex can be fun again.

Lots of things can make you feel sexy; a great run, a great dress, a great book. Lots of things can turn you on; George Clooney, your hubby, a great joke, George Clooney... But one thing is sure to turn you all the way off - vaginal dryness and the associated itching, burning and pain. Nip it in the bud with our Silky Peach cream, and you’ll be back to spicy sex, a sexy strut and a confident you, quicker than you can google image search George Clooney.

Silky Peach Cream

Try Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream & see the results for yourself!