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Menopause doesn't have to suck! Science, Solutions & Sisterhood for living your sassiest life
Menopause doesn't have to suck! Science, Solutions & Sisterhood for living your sassiest life

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "You all have changed my life!" - Denise O.

  • Thankful
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I’m Amazed
    I can’t believe this works. I’ve tried other things like the Mona Lisa smile and other creams that were doctor subscribed, and even a couple of other things I saw on Instagram, none of them worked. I have to be honest, I missed a few days within the initial month of taking this, but overall, I’ve been consistent, I can’t believe it’s worked.

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  • Linda
    ✅ Verified Customer
    The jury is still out
    Since receiving my first shipment i have been faithfully using my silky peach cream before bedtime each night. I am happy with how it seems to be working so far. I am going to give it another month because I still have horrible itching and primarily need that to improve.
  • Karen
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Saved my life
    My hot flashes were so bad and the depression from not sleeping hardly at all for months changed dramatically within a few days. After a couple of weeks I have almost no hot flashes during the day and the night ones are about 25% the heat they had been and last less than a minute.

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  • Grateful
    ✅ Verified Customer
    It really works
    I am amazed by and grateful for Silky Peach. I am much more comfortable and can have fun sex again. It helped almost instantly. It even helps reduce wrinkles on my face and neck.
  • Pookie
    ✅ Verified Customer
    My Jay is happy!
    Th first time I used it I had a little tingling and itch. The next night. Felt great. I am using 1 pump at this time. But yes one pump for me is helping with that horrid dryness.
  • Sue
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Started trying other brands to see which would work. This was the best.  Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference. It continued to help. It has been a godsend so I started the subscription.  Very happy 
  • kKSco
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Just a little dab will do
    Only thing that worked.  No more pain.  Worth every cent 
  • NJ
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this amazing cream
    Amazing cream glad I took the plunge and invested in it. I had my doubts at 1st but it's turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself.
  • NotForMe213
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Didn't work for me
    It really didn't work for me. The cream was messy when applying. It didn't hurt, was a little tingly at first. Too much mess to deal with every day. I did use for a month.
  • Karen
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Silkypeach cream
    I'm post menopausal. I've been using this daily before bed. It is helping to slow down vaginal atrophy. Also my bladder has been calming down. Not much you can do at 62 and in postmenopause. This really does provide me with some relief.
  • Srez
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Silky Peach Cream To The Rescue
    I have tried quite a few similar products and this is the best by far. 
  • KarenK
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Works Well
    I’ve been using Silky Peach for about 8 months. Initially one-two pumps every morning. I’m now using one pump 3 days a week and it seems fine. No problem with painful sex or UTI’s. I still have a minor bit of incontinence when I laugh, sneeze or strain lifting something.

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  • Donna
    ✅ Verified Customer
    great product
    Has repaired and helped make my skin stronger in the area intended, I wish it could go internal, and I do wish the lovely moisturization would last longer, but that part wipes away over time, so it is best to use at night for me.
  • Shannon
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great for face too
    I was using this for menopause and problems with dryness and UTIs but saw you can put on face and it is helping there also. Great product. Doesn't take much.
  • Vettegirl
    ✅ Verified Customer
    You will be pleased with the results!
    This really works! No more pain..
  • MAM
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Thank God!
    I hit menopause in my early forties.  I had completely lost my libido and sex was getting increasingly painful.  I felt really bad for my supportive husband.  I’m 50 now.  I saw the ad for Silky Peach Cream on FB and decided to give it a try.

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  • Les Jacobs
    ✅ Verified Customer
    It Works!!
    I turned 50 in August 2023, and officially entered menopause Jan 2024. Not a big deal since I hadn’t had sex in YEARS. Of course, found the love of my life 3 months later. Sex was SO painful. Out of desperation, I ordered the Silky Peach Cream.

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  • Elizabeth
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Silky peach is making possible a late-life adventure.
    Silky Peach is making possible a late-life adventure. 
  • Susieb
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Works stupendoudsly
    Good product,best one ive ever found, been using for well over a year.
  • Angel Eyes
    ✅ Verified Customer
    It works
    This cream really works. Please do not hesitate if you are having any female problems in the southern region. You will be happy with your purchase. It works so go someone actually took one of my bottle..I guess they needed it more than I did..lol.
Kate and Kirsti , Co-founders, Parlor Games

Why "Parlor Games"?

Well, haven't women with revolutionary ideas always gathered in their parlor?

And isn't the thought that Menopause Shouldn't Suck shockingly revolutionary?

We know, it shouldn't exactly be groundbreaking, but sadly, it is.

We're two best friends who decided we weren't just going to give up on living our best lives.

Instead, we decided it was high time that women had the science they needed to make smart decisions about their bodies.

And we wanted to provide women with high-quality products that really work for living their best Menopause life.

And while we think Menopause is serious business, we're all about bringing humor and joy to midlife!

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