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Six Tips For Your Lady Bits

Think you've got the run-down on your low-down? Check out our top tips from the experts for keeping your Lady Bits in top top condition.

  1. Keep it clean like a baby, not like a car. You don’t need high powered jets, heavy scents or various foaming multi-colored soaps on you. Much like a baby’s peachy butt, your lady garden needs gentle, perfume free soaps and for you to steer clear of gels, antiseptics or anything that promises to make you bubblegum flavored.
  2. Avoid swamp-butt. We’ve all been there. Post-gym. Post-nap. Post-grocery store visit. If you’re in Arizona or Florida, it’s just how your butt is permanently. But, all your exits are co-located, so daily hygiene is key for keeping bacteria at bay.
  3. Exercise. Running, walking, lifting, yoga or pilates are all great options. The list of things that help keep the pelvic floor toned is long and varied, so find something you love and know that you are helping your vag by doing so. And hey, if you get really strong you can even invest in some kegel weights! ;)
  4. If you use a pad for any reason, be sure to change it regularly. Loose underwear can allow the pad to shift and aid in the transference of bacteria.
  5. Don’t hate on discharge. Over the course of the month, and as we mature through menopause and beyond, it is normal to have a discharge that is often white in color. Healthy discharge doesn’t have a strong smell or color, and it is there to keep everything in balance, so as long as you’re not itchy or sore, then it’s all good in the VJJ-Hood.
  6. Meditate on your Vajazzle... just kidding, but balance really is key. Keeping the pH levels in balance in your vagina is important, and if you are prone to bacterial infections, using an estriol cream, like Silky Peach Cream, can help keep the pH levels in the optimal zone.