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Menopause doesn't have to suck! Science, Solutions & Sisterhood for living your sassiest life
Menopause doesn't have to suck! Science, Solutions & Sisterhood for living your sassiest life

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "You all have changed my life!" - Denise O.

  • carolyn k
    ✅ Verified Customer
    SOMETHING that actually WORKS
    I could tell a difference in just 3 days...and at the end of my 28 day challenge...WOW...no more pain. thank you so much Parlor Games...
  • Monique B.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    The Best
    Silky peach is the absolute best!!! I love it and it works!!! 
  • terry pc
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Loving my peach
    Been 9 days and I can tell a difference already. The intense itching is almost all gone. Before I could barely use reg.TP my thinness was so bad it would latterly tare me open. (I sd I was in bad shape) much more comfortable now. Fingers crossed other are corrected also.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Wonderful product!
    This stuff works for me! A couple of weeks in, I notice a big difference!
  • Patricia R
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love it
    This product has helped with lubrication. Being older has some drawbacks.
  • Pietra T
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I'm addicted😬
    It has been a total game changer for me upon using this cream. I'm 53 and it makes one wonder why the majority of physicians never discuss pre or post menopausal issues or solutions. I literally had no idea why it was painful when my ex boyfriend and I were having sex all of a sudden? I thought I was dying at one point and made mention of various symptoms I had been experiencing to my Dr and HE NOT ONCE MENTIONED THE "M" WORD TO ME!🙄🥶

    In hindsight, I wish he had sooner but, that's the past and now I've got these products to use from Parlor Games. I had to insist he give me at least [@#*%] cream internally 20 days a month. He was against me taking any sort of horomone replacement medications though claiming he felt they've been associated with elevated rates of ovarian cancer, etc..? I say, informed the woman and let her decide. Afterall, who's vagina is it, mine or his? 😆
  • Kelly E
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Ahhhh finally!
    I was unhappy with the progesterone cream prescribed by my Dr. I was doing a little research on my aging lady bits when I saw an ad on social media and knew I had to try it!! Womens help from women!! All things are back to normal and functioning really well!!
  • Pam A.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I had recurrent UTI's that this has helped tremendously to reduce the frequency. I will continue to use it. I have told all my friends about this product. I am so happy to have found it.
  • Sandra Bray
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This product has renewed my sexual life. Before its use, my vagina was really dry, sensitive, and not able to fight simple exposure to irritants, including having sexual intercourse. My vaginal skin is smoother, stronger, and more lubricated.
  • Dawn M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I was skeptical, so I didn't do autoship, but I am re ordering. This stuff helps my lady bits stay moist. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Linda 3
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Peachy helps so much
    I’m 74 and started using Peachy and it’s wonderful 
    I’m getting engaged as soon as my BF leaves England to come here with me Try it
  • Bonnie A
    ✅ Verified Customer
    When I lost my husband several years ago after a lengthy illness, I pretty much closed the book on my sex life, which was ok, because I will be turning 77 in just a few days and it's time, or so I thought. But recently an old boyfriend from 40 years ago came back into my life and we have rekindled our romance. It has been years since I have engaged in any kind of sexual activity and I feared that my lady parts had shriveled and dried up forever. Then I came across a Facebook ad for Silky Peach Cream and decided I had nothing to lose by trying it. So glad I did. Would say it has restored me physically and mentally, but my libido and performance exceed anything I ever experienced as a younger woman. Was gobsmacked after my first encounter. Now, I'm just grateful. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much.
  • Carol M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Best purchase I ever made
    Iam in love with silky peach cream,iam 78 yrs old and it's been years since I have had painless sex.so I will keep on using it and am going to purchase some of the other products also,and also my husband is extremely happy that I have found this product,love is in the air again!
  • Gail T
    ✅ Verified Customer

    I have to say that using this product is a miracle for me. After having uti's every other month with horrible itching dryness bladder irritation and pain. I can't say enough how much this has helped me. Thank you so much for this great product
  • Lois S
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Truly a peach of a product!
    As a senior embarking on being sexually active with new partner after several years of abstinence delighted Silky Peach Cream got my juices flowing again. Helped me feel confident again. I love it!
  • Levy C
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Amazing product
    This product has been a life changer for me. I didn't even know atrophy of the lady bits was a thing!!! I saw a FB ad and totally had alot of the issues mentioned. I ordered it and wow did it make a difference. No more pain and she's even gotten some of her youthful appearance back! I'm a customer for life!
  • Cheryl L
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this product
    I have used this before.  I tried another brand and it did not work as good as Parlor.  I just placed another order.  Can’t wait for it to come in.  It helps with all your lady bits!
  • Cathryn
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Just 🍑
    The product is outstanding it has made a difference in texture, moisture and feels fabulous. The integrity of my skin has improved and I no longer have that itchy , dry feeling. I will not miss a single application nightly. I absolutely love ❤️ the product. 
  • Ckey
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This stuff is literally a miracle. I love that it’s Bio Identical and starts working almost immediately. Do yourself a favor, try it out!  You will not be sorry!!
  • Susie B
    ✅ Verified Customer
    A miracle!!
    I have tried everything including painful, gynecological procedures, to help heal my painful vaginal tissue when I have intercourse I have not been able to have relations with my husband over three years because of it no matter what I have tried it is not made a difference I had become extremely discouraged, and just about given up when I tried silky peach. I used it for approximately seven days and then decided to privately try my vaginal dilator, which had also failed to help the problem and was so painful to use. I couldn't stand it. I tried it after seven days of silky peach, and to my absolute surprise there was no pain, and I mean no pain I could tell the tissue felt softer and plumper, and I'm still in amazement. This has given me the feeling of being a woman again and to be able to open up that part of my life again with my husband is a miracle. I am so grateful. I still can't believe it. I will use this forever . 
Kate and Kirsti , Co-founders, Parlor Games

Why "Parlor Games"?

Well, haven't women with revolutionary ideas always gathered in their parlor?

And isn't the thought that Menopause Shouldn't Suck shockingly revolutionary?

We know, it shouldn't exactly be groundbreaking, but sadly, it is.

We're two best friends who decided we weren't just going to give up on living our best lives.

Instead, we decided it was high time that women had the science they needed to make smart decisions about their bodies.

And we wanted to provide women with high-quality products that really work for living their best Menopause life.

And while we think Menopause is serious business, we're all about bringing humor and joy to midlife!

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