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Live, Laugh... Get Lines!

Laugh Lines? Bunny Wrinkles? Cleavage Crinkles? There’s nothing wrong with showing a little texture on the map of your life, but sometimes, we want a little help in the wrinkle department.

Estriol can fix your vagina, so you might be wondering if it is good at repairing and rebuilding the skin elsewhere. The answer? YES!

Why am I getting more wrinkles post-menopause?

The body’s structural and functional changes we associate with aging are more visibly evident in the skin than in any other part of the body. It is no coincidence that just as you go through menopause into the world beyond estrogen, your skin often gets more wrinkly. Many women report a sudden onset of skin aging several months after menopausal symptoms begin. The drop in estrogen often results in accelerating age-related deterioration, which results in thinner skin, an increase in number and depth of wrinkles, increased skin dryness, and decreased skin firmness and elasticity.

But, there’s nothing wrong with wrinkles!

Totally, we’re not ragging on wrinkles! Those lines show the life you’ve lived and the people you’ve loved, but skin is the outside wrapping that keeps everything in the body in place and secure. Keeping it healthy is key. The loss of skin anywhere increases the chance of a pathogen entering the body and causing inflammation. And it’s not just about what we keep out, it’s what we keep in….water. Healthy skin reduces the amount of water that escapes from the body and so helps keep us hydrated. Because skin covers ALL of us, keeping it stretchy, flexible. and healthy enough is a great investment in our overall health.

Estrogen is a key factor (and factory) in collagen production

Estrogens affect the skin by altering key epidermal (outer skin layer) and dermal (inner skin layer) cells. Without the growth-promoting effects of estrogen, the skin would literally wither away. Collagen plays a leading role in the quality of our skin and in maintaining a consistent thickness. Estrogen is one of the components needed for generating collagen. As we age, we produce fewer of the hormones responsible for collagen maintenance and reproduction, which partially explains the reduced elasticity and smoothness of our skin as we grow older.

But…why estriol?

We have known for many years or more that estriol works at the cell level to improve the structure of your skin. A study in 1996 found that as little as 0.6mg a day applied to the hands or face can increase moisture content, decrease wrinkle depth, and decrease pore size. Wrinkle depth decreased between 61% - 100% during the 6 month study. Also super important, the study measured the amount of estriol circulating throughout the body and found that this amount of use did not increase other side effects of using estrogen.

Estriol is used primarily on the receptors in the skin whereas estradiol will be absorbed into the bloodstream at a faster rate. One study found that 18% of estradiol passes through the skin, whereas 97.5% of estriol was used locally in the outer layer of the skin. Estriol tends to reach the dermis only in low concentrations and penetrates the skin considerably slower than estradiol. Because of this, most of the estriol is used right where it’s needed – in the outer layers of skin.

Peachy Vagina, Peachy Face

If you’re confused about how/when to apply peachy to your face as well as your vagina, we’re here to help. If you are at the point of using SPC every other day for vaginal health, it can be applied on alternate days to your skin. In general, aim for around 2 pumps per day, you can choose where each pump is applied.

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