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Who, How, & When?

Can I use Silky Peach if I’m in Perimenopause?

Can I use it if I just had a baby?

I’ve had a hysterectomy, can I use Vibrant Third?

I’ve heard my granddaughter can use Chaos Calmer, is that true?

I’ve heard men can use Chaos Calmer, my husband wants to try some!

Can I use Vibrant Third if I’m in my thirties?

We get asked these questions ALL. THE. TIME.

And that is awesome, because it means people are actively taking an interest in their health and wellbeing - and a big part of that is hormone balance.

This chart gives a breakdown of exactly what each item is for, how to apply it, who should (or can) use it, and the best time of month/day to use…

The Chart

Vibrant Third

Silky Peach Cream

Chaos Calmer

What for

Helps glucose utilization and improves insulin resistance.

Calms the brain.

Enhances thyroid hormone activity by decreasing Thyroid Binding Globulin.

Balances estrogen by slopping overgrowth of cells.

Is a diuretic.

Increases scalp hair.

Helps burn fat for energy.


Promotes bone building.

Essential for maintaining pregnancy.

Promotes normal cell death (apoptosis).

Protects the heart.

Helps blood vessels stay smooth and reduces clot risk.

Supports healthy vaginal tissue.

Blocks estradiol from acting.

Supports healthy urethra and bladder.

Supports optimal vaginal pH.

Helps keep skin integrity.

Counter balancing high levels of excitatory neurotransmitters.

Supports muscle relaxation.

Helps with feelings of anxiety.

Helps calm the stress response.

Improves focus in stressful situations.

Helps relax the brain for sleep.

Helps the brain return to sleep after night time waking.


Apply to thin areas of the skin, inner arms, behind the knees.

Apply to the vulva.

Apply to thin areas of the skin, inner arms, outer arms, backs of the hands, around the neck up to 4 pumps per day.


Age 25-95 when levels are low or out of balance.

Age 50+ or when symptoms of dry, itchy vagina start.

Anyone over the age of 1, both male and female.


Age 15-50: Days 15-28, then stop for 2 weeks.

Age 50 - 55: 5 out of every 7 days.

Age 55+: Every 2-3 days as needed.

Daily to start then Every other day.

When needed during the day for anxiety. Before bedtime to help with sleep.

Where Can I Find Info on Each Product?

If you want to read more about establishing a routine for Silky Peach - check out these case scenarios from real customers to get a better sense of how to do so.

If you want to read more about what Vibrant Third can help with - check out this blog on how to understand how progesterone works in the body.

If you want to read more about Chaos Calmer and how it functions to help the brain, check out our Stress Series, or our Brain Blog to learn more!

What About Estriol BEFORE Menopause?

Generally, estriol (and estrogen levels as a whole) are higher pre-menopause. This means that estrogen does not need to be added to a regime. However, some women experience surgical menopause, or they have lower levels of estrogen that can contribute to vaginal dryness. In these cases, estriol may be a good addition. This is best discussed with your healthcare practitioner.

I've Heard I Can Use Estriol on my FACE?!

This is another question that crops up so much, we wrote a whole blog about it! If you are at the point of using SPC every other day for vaginal health, it can be applied on alternate days to your skin. In general, aim for around 2 pumps per day, you can choose where each pump is applied.

Want a SNAZZIER chart? Check this out...