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Do you remember when getting a UTI was fun? Y’know, back when they were caused by having so much sex? Back when you and your sweetheart/Italian lover/Clooney lookalike were competing in the sex Olympics, UTI’s were a pain in the ass, but at least you knew why you were getting them.

And then it starts again. Ouch...ouch...stinging...burning. Bathroom again? Yes dammit!

But, your sex life is far more easy going, so what gives?

Essentially, it all begins at the perineum. Located between the vagina and the anus, bacteria often can be found in this area. As we age and lose collagen, the skin in this area also begins to wrinkle. With more wrinkles, we get more folds of skin, which means bacteria can lurk in these areas. We tend not to think about wrinkled skin in places we can’t see it, but now you know!

Because bacteria can live in underwear and on pantyliners, as we move around, bad bacteria can get transferred to the labia. Additionally, if the pH in the vagina is out of balance, then it is much easier for the bacteria to gain a hold and start a vaginal infection.

That's Not All...

But wait...it’s not over yet! Once you get a vaginal infection, you produce discharge, and that in turn increases the chances of bacteria getting to the urethra - the opening from which you pee - and once the bacteria is in the urethra, it sets up shop and before you know it, you’re dealing with a UTI.

There are other changes too, sometimes the muscles that hold the bladder in place can lose their strength. If this happens, the bladder can slip down lower in the pelvis. This means it can be a little trickier to fully empty the bladder, you might need to lean forward to release all the fluid. If there is infection in place, leaving any urine in the bladder means the bacteria can continue to expand and the infection gains strength!

We know what you’re thinking. FFS. WTF. OMFG. A few other acronyms that encompass the full range of curse words.

What Can I Do?

The good news is that there are things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of bacteria spreading and to help reduce chances of getting a F-UTI. We think you can guess what the F stands for.

  1. Keep things clean; wash hands before and after touching your vagina, always wipe front to back, change panty-liners frequently and use gentle soap in your daily shower.
  2. Always fully empty your bladder.
  3. KEGELS. Learn them, do them, love them.
  4. Change your bed linen frequently, especially if you and your Italian-Clooney-esqe-lover are having frequent sex.
  5. Consider rebalancing the pH of your vagina by using an estriol cream (Like Silky Peach!) to ensure the pH is acidic and in bacteria-busting balance!