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Let Me See You WORK it…

How do I know my Vibrant Third Progesterone is actually working?

Our Bestselling Silky Peach cream is kind of a show off - you apply it and within a few months (or weeks… and even days - for the lucky few), you start to feel the results - no more itching, dryness, and pain. But, with progesterone, it’s not quite the show pony Silky Peach is, so what should you be looking for?

How Does Progesterone Actually Work?

Before we give you the secret key to unlock your understanding, you first have to understand how progesterone functions within the body. We can go through our post menopause life without it, but when we have progesterone in our bodies, it works in so many places on so many cells to improve their function. Think of it like salt - you can cook without it, but things taste a lot damn better when they’re seasoned! If you want to read more about all the specific things Progesterone does in the body, check out this blog.

How Much Do I Use?

The first thing to do when you begin using Vibrant Third Progesterone is to figure out the right amount for you. Our suggestion goes a little like this: Vibrant Third progesterone has 25mg of progesterone per pump. Apply one pump daily to thin areas of the skin (inner arms, behind the knee, around the ankles). Progesterone is absorbed into the bloodstream where it hitches a ride on a red blood cell and is spread around to all the places in the body where it is needed. Avoid applying on fatty tissue as the hormone will just sit there in the fat cells and not get to where it's needed. You can adjust your use as it fits your body. Some women need progesterone every day, others every other day, some need just half a pump.. More FAQs on progesterone can be found here!

Ok, So, Now What?!

So, you’ve figured out the best schedule for you, but is it actually working? The benefits can seem subtle, but provide an overall greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. This checklist is simple; if you can mark off five or more (5+), then that means that YES, Vibrant Third and its powerful progesterone are working for you, and will continue to do so, meaning more good things coming your way!

(a) More energy

(b) Less forgetting

(c) Less bloating

(d) Fewer feelings of aches and pains

(e) A greater sense of wellbeing

(f) Fewer mood swings and less general grumpiness

(g) Better sleep

And then, for all the more visible signs that progesterone is working, there are the non-visible impacts:

(h) Less bone loss

(i) Improved blood pressure

(j) Improved vascular health

(k) Less water retention

(l) Improved insulin resistance

(m) Increase in scalp hair

(n) Reduction in overall inflammation

An Estimated Time Frame for Results? About 3 Months...

How did you do? Remember, these things take time, and if your progesterone levels were depleted it can take three months or more to start seeing some of these gradual changes. The great thing about Vibrant Third Balancing Cream is that once it starts, it kicks off all those other dominoes - better diet, regular movement, deeper sleep, stress management and more H20! Before you know it, you’re feeling vibrant, vivacious, and so much more.

We called the cream Vibrant Third progesterone, because we want to be part of helping you live a Vibrant life after menopause. So, let's get to it - you can buy YOUR Vibrant Third, right here