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"Finally! Finally, a hormone solution that makes me feel like myself again – AND, with NO side effects!"
Melissa G. Relieved Customer
Feel Vibrant Again!
Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream
Bio-identical Progesterone for balance and vitality
2-3 month supply - 50ml
With your last period in the rear view mirror, it’s time for YOU. It’s time for you to feel vibrant, balanced, and ready for what the next thirty years will bring. Whether that’s being a fun grandma, starting a new business, traveling, being active in your community - a healthy body and brain supports all your goals. Our Vibrant Third progesterone cream provides just the right amount of progesterone hormone to support healthy brain, bones, boobs, heart, digestion, immune system for many years to come.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Just Because Your Body No Longer Makes Progesterone,
    Doesn't Mean You Don't Still Need It

    You do! Progesterone is VITAL for the health of many cells in the body. We may not need as much, but we still need it.

    We still got boobs, we still got brains (even if they are foggy sometimes), we still got skin, and digestive function, and joints, and everything we always had. Progesterone helps with all of these areas of the body.

    Progesterone is a must if you have (or want to avoid)...

    • Weight gain and bloating
    • Sleep problems
    • Brain fog
    • Increased Forgetfulness
    • Mood swings
    • Tender and Fibrocystic Breasts

    While Silky Peach Cream is rejuvenating your vagina and surrounding bits, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream works on a broader scale to maintain the health of your whole body.

    Unlike it’s ProgestIN cousin (which is the pharmaceutical version and is NOT bioidentical), bioidentical Progesterone Cream does NOT carry risks of blood clots and weight gain.

    Instead, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream helps protect your breasts, heart, brain, hair follicles, and metabolism. And our unique proprietary formula contains antioxidants which are important for reducing inflammation.

    Plus, Parlor Games Vibrant Third Progesterone contains only the cleanest, most organic ingredients to ensure that you treat your body right. And all our creams are Paraben Free.

    Balance your hormones with Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream, formulated for post menopausal women..


    Deionized Water, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Progesterone, Cupuacu Butter*, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax*, Lactobacillus/Acerola Cherry Ferment, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sweet Almond Oil*, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Bacopa Monnieri Extract*, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract*, Marula Seed Oil*, Coconut Fruit Extract, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Cucumber Peel Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate (*Organic).
    Paraben Free

    Apply 1 pump of cream daily or every other day, rubbed into thin areas of the body e.g. inner wrists or behind the knees. Rotate between these areas routinely. Avoid fatty areas such as belly, inner thighs, and hips. Best applied at night for improved sleep.

Overall Review Score
  • Lynda C
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Yes haw for the who haw
    I love these products. Been using the Silky Peach Cream for about a yr. Trust in all the products for quality. I love the fact that they are a woman owned company.
  • Charlotte S.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great purchase
    I’m very pleased with the Vibrant Third progesterone cream. I sleep well and stay asleep all night now! My joints are far less achy. I’ve noticed a more balanced feeling overall to my moods. I highly recommend it!
  • Sharlot L.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Better sleep
    Since I started using the Vibrant 3 I have definitely noticed I sleep better. I have a lot of pain from arthritis so getting to sleep is pretty difficult some nights. But I do sleep more sound when it happens! Give it try ladies. Can’t hurt!
  • Charmaine G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Feel like me
    This product has been amazing. I sleep all night and I feel good in the morning. I can think more clearly. It does make me a little on the hot side but it’s good to cuddle and other stuff….lol
  • Ann D
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Best product
    This Is a great product. I no longer have a uterus but I had a lot of trouble sleeping and constantly having to go to the bathroom at night to relieve my bladder. I sleep do soundly now and never get up in the middle of the night anymore. My doctor said I made a great choice
  • Cat H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great product
    I started using this product a month after Peachy and with the combination I am feeling so much more relaxed and I can actually sit comfortable.  
  • Charmaine G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Hot and excited
    I do get heated up but calmer more focused I feel better and I think it’s a great thing to not feel sad all the time thank you for this amazing product 
  • PamK
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I like this & will continue to use it
    I do like this cream; I definitely think it does help my vitality level. I plan to keep using it as=lso.
  • Junetta W.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This worked and I am once again enjoying intercourse. I love the community and the product.
  • Anonymous
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Have used this for over a year. It has helped quite a bit with my lichen sclerosus but hasn't done much for my sex life. I do like it and it is helping with texture of skin.
  • Peggy D
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Silky Peach Cream is wonderful ! It has really helped me. I recently tried the Vibrant Third and I am feeling so much better. Thank you so much !
  • Patricia P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this stuff. It really works. Things are looking up for my love life.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    For SO many years, I have not slept well as I worked through various health issues, Lyme, stressful jobs... it never occurred to me the importance of progesterone. Off and on I was using a very trusted source topically, but apparently, it wasn't enough. I ordered Silky Peach Cream due to vaginal atrophy (menopause 10 years ago), within several nights of using it I began to sleep... noticeable, deep restful sleep. Wow! Seven full hours, and if not for the need to get up, could easily continue. Such a gift. As a nurse friend said recently, you know by the time you go through the change, you're already out of progesterone. Wish I'd realized that 15 years ago instead of walking around looking every bit as sleep-deprived and toasted as I felt!!! Thank you ladies, appreciate what your contribution to women's health! And I am telling my sleep-deprived chick friends...
  • Kristi L
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Best product ever. After years of trying everything from over the counter, to prescription, to laser treatments with little success, this little bottle of magic is the ticket that finally stopped the dryness and pain.
  • Diane S
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I've been using it for about 5 mos... And I see a difference ...
  • Charline F
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This cream has helped me so much! I’m no longer a dried up peach. Using both Silky Peach and Vibrant Third and they are working miracles for this. 69 yr old.
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