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The Silky Peach Starter Guide

Welcome to the Sexy Sassy Sisterhood! We hope Silky Peach Cream starts making your peach silky very soon. This guide should help answer any practical use questions that you may have! If you have any others, be sure to reach out to us via email or Facebook, and be sure to join our Sexy Sassy Sisterhood on Facebook to get access to our amazing network of women.

1. How on earth do I get the cream to come out of the bottle?

For some bottles, especially in cold weather, the cream can get thick and much slower. Some bottles end up with an air bubble trapped in the top of the valve. Then there are bottles that are cold AND have an air bubble. We suggest warming up the bottle to around 72F and then turn it upside down and slam it hard on a flat surface a few times to dislodge that air bubble. It may take a few pumps to get it going, but hey, a lot of things do! ;)

2. Where do I put it and when do I apply it?

Let’s start with when; we want the estriol in the cream to have maximum time to absorb so we recommend last thing at night when you are lying down in bed. The cream is intended for use on the labia so we recommend starting there. Some women prefer to apply directly inside the vagina. There are so many little capillaries in the whole area that applying on the lips of the vagina (the labia) will deliver the estriol into all the right local places.

3. Do I use this before sex?

Nope – it’s not a lube and you want this for your peach not his wood! The cream is designed to be used nightly not just to rebuild the vaginal tissue, but to keep it in good shape once the repair is done.

4. Will I still need lube?

Very likely, yes. Even though the estriol in the cream will repair the tissue, it is highly unlikely that the small amount in the cream will return your V to its former juicy glory. Lube is an excellent idea to help with the whole gliding in and out process.

5. Is it safe?

For the vast majority of women who are healthy and have no serious conditions such as cancer, the low amount of estriol in the cream is a safe way to deliver localized care to a specific part of your body. Estriol is the weakest of the estrogens and does not have the proliferative effect that other estrogens do. Plus, it’s the estrogen associated with pregnancy. A baby is bathed in estriol in huge amounts when it is in the womb, as are pregnant women! There are lots of research studies that have found low amounts of estriol are safe for many women to use.

6. How long does it take to work?
We are all so different as women. How long it takes often depends on where you are in relation to menopause and how long you have had vaginal dryness. Lifestyle plays a part too. If your food intake has lots of sugar in it, that can cause inflammation in all parts of your body. If estrogen levels are not too low it could take a matter of 2-3 weeks. For some women who have much lower estrogen levels and have been low for some time, it can take 6-8 to rebuild and repair. For some women, there might always be a little tenderness, which is why pairing with a good lube is important.

7. What else does it help with apart from making sex more comfortable?
Overall vaginal health is important for several things. Getting the right pH helps keep bacteria low and that reduces infection risk. A healthy vagina also reduces the risk for UTI’s and incontinence.