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We're so happy to have you aboard (and your vagina is grateful too)!

Your receipt is in your email, and we're getting to work shipping your Silky Peach Cream ASAP 🥰

And see that Account link up there? Up there in the top bar? That's where you can view all the info you need about every last one of your orders with us (provided you use the same email each time). You'll need to register first-- using the email you used today--before logging in for the first time.

Most excitingly, we invite you to join us in our private FB group where we can use REAL FEMALE BODY PART NAMES (I know for some of you that would be a welcome relief!).

Have questions about the wonders of Estriol? Want to talk health? Have questions about other menopausal annoyances? We're here for you. Need to vent about the coffeemaker fiasco at work? Don't worry; we know it wasn't your fault. 😉

It's a great community of women going through the same thing you are... cuz menopause ain't for the faint of heart! Come join us!

Important Side Note: Make sure your receipt (and other noteworthy communications from us) doesn't end up in your spam folder. Please add Parlor Games to your contact list so you don't miss any of our sparkling personality.

And of course, reach out to us with a call, email, or chat... we're here to help.

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