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Love it! I am loving my V3 and the help it's provided my mood, libido, everything!
Lisa J. Relieved Customer
Feel Vibrant Again!
Vibrant Third Progesterone
Bio-identical Progesterone for balance and vitality.
2-3 month supply - 50ml
With your last period in the rear view mirror, it’s time for YOU. It’s time for you to feel vibrant, balanced, and ready for what the next thirty years will bring. Whether that’s being a fun grandma, starting a new business, traveling, being active in your community - a healthy body and brain supports all your goals. Our Vibrant Third progesterone cream provides just the right amount of progesterone to support healthy brain, bones, boobs, heart, digestion, immune system for many years to come.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Just Because Your Body No Longer Makes Progesterone,
    Doesn't Mean You Don't Still Need It

    You do! Progesterone is VITAL for the health of many cells in the body. We may not need as much, but we still need it.

    We still got boobs, we still got brains (even if they are foggy sometimes), we still got skin, and digestive function, and joints, and everything we always had. Progesterone helps with all of these areas of the body.

    Progesterone is a must if you have (or want to avoid)...

    • Weight gain and bloating
    • Sleep problems
    • Brain fog
    • Increased Forgetfulness
    • Mood swings
    • Tender and Fibrocystic Breasts

    While Silky Peach Cream is rejuvenating your vagina and surrounding bits, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream works on a broader scale to maintain the health of your whole body.

    Unlike it’s ProgestIN cousin (which is the pharmaceutical version and is NOT bioidentical), bioidentical Progesterone Cream does NOT carry risks of blood clots and weight gain.

    Instead, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream helps protect your breasts, heart, brain, hair follicles, and metabolism. And our unique proprietary formula contains antioxidants which are important for reducing inflammation.

    Plus, Parlor Games Vibrant Third Progesterone contains only the cleanest, most organic ingredients to ensure that you treat your body right. And all our creams are Paraben Free.

    Balance your hormones with Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream, formulated for post menopausal women..


    Deionized Water, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Progesterone, Cupuacu Butter*, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax*, Lactobacillus/Acerola Cherry Ferment, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sweet Almond Oil*, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Bacopa Monnieri Extract*, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract*, Marula Seed Oil*, Coconut Fruit Extract, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Cucumber Peel Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate (*Organic).
    Paraben Free

    Apply 1 pump of cream daily or every other day, rubbed into thin areas of the body e.g. inner wrists or behind the knees. Rotate between these areas routinely. Avoid fatty areas such as belly, inner thighs, and hips. Best applied at night for improved sleep.

  • Why do women need Progesterone?

    The body uses progesterone in hundreds of ways. Progesterone is typically associated with the reproductive cycle, but there is so much more. Progesterone is important for breast health, brain health, bone health, digestion, inflammation, reducing cholesterol, supporting cardiovascular health, enhancing thyroid function AND it helps with moods. You get the point - we could go on. Just because women are past menopause, it does not mean we don't benefit from bioidentical progesterone.

    How much Vibrant Third should I use?

    Vibrant Third progesterone has 25mg of progesterone per pump. Apply one pump daily to thin areas of the skin (inner arms, behind the knee, around the ankles). Progesterone is absorbed into the blood stream where it hitches a ride on a red blood cell and is spread around to all the places in the body where it is needed. Avoid applying on fatty tissue as the hormone will just sit there in the fat cells and not get to where it's needed. You can adjust your use as fits your body. Some women need progesterone every day, others every other day.

    When should I apply the cream?

    Progesterone can have a calming effect so is often best used in the evening. Progesterone can help improve the quality of sleep.

    Can I use progesterone for tender or fibrocystic breasts?

    Yes. Often tender or fibrocystic breasts are an indicator of too much estrogen in relation to progesterone. Estrogen is a hormone that encourages cell growth and progesterone is the natural balancer to that growth. Parlor Games Vibrant Third progesterone cream can be applied directly to breast tissue. Do not apply for more than 5 days in a row. After 5 days, switch to applying on thin areas of the skin.

    Why should I use progesterone if I am using estrogen?

    Estrogen is a hormone that makes cells grow - uterine cells, breast cells, skin cells, ovarian cells included. Estrogen is valuable and important to the body. Too much growth can cause a range of symptoms such as bloating, increased risk of blood clots, increased risk of breast cancer, increased gallstones, weight gain, breast tenderness, food cravings, headaches, increased triglycerides and more. Progesterone is a regulating hormone, regulating the body in many ways so that balance is maintained. Progesterone will limit endometrial growth, mature breast cells, normalize blood pressure, remove excess fluid, normalize blood clotting, resist cancer, strengthen immunity, decrease inflammation, decrease PMS symptoms for cycling women.

Overall Review Score
  • Cami H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Feeling great on day 10
    I am impressed with how quickly I started to feel the effects of this cream! It’s subtle so far, but I am feeling more energetic during the day than I have in years. I can hardly wait to give another review after a couple more months!
  • Trish G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This has helped with my sleep soooooo much. I apply it right before bed, within 20 min I'm sleeping, and sleeping alllllllllll night. 2nd order on its way. Excited to see what this month brings!
  • Carol CM
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Excellent products!
    Don’t be afraid to try these products- they are made with science and care!
  • Nicole78
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Good vibe cream
    I did not use this cream for a week while on a work trip and I felt a difference. My energy was definitely down and I felt a bit off. Back on it and feeling good!
  • Lisa B
    ✅ Verified Customer
    WOW! I thought I'd suffer with hot flashes for the rest of my life. Thank God I found your cream! I went from 20 flashes a day to 1-2 every other day. And NONE at night! Oh, how great it is to sleep through the night! Thank you!
  • Leslye G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I'm a female again!!!
    Vibrant 3rd balances things with Silky Peach cream. The result is feeling like a woman again!! Love Love! Thank you Parlor Games Ladies!
  • Marjorie C
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third
    I Feel Better! I've been using this cream for several months now and it really works. I'm going to stay with it.
  • Ciriaca YS
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sleep like a baby!
    I started taking Vibrant Third to balance the estrial from SPC. I didn't realize it would halp me get such sweet sleep. I am postmenopausal and have never had an issue with sleep but i found that V3 gives me a deeper sleep yet I wake up refreshed in the morning.

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  • Debbie N
    ✅ Verified Customer
    A great find!
    My sex life was a no go. It was painful, often times there was bleeding. It came to the point I didn’t want to do it.  I came across this site talking about painful sex. I decided to read more about. I decided to order some silky peach, hoping it was not a scam.

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  • LaDawnS
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I added this to my Silky Peach Cream routine and I have never slept better!!! This stuff is amazing!
  • TJ F.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Feeling balanced
    I use this with the silky peach cream.  I use half a dose for now (I’m one of those start slow people).  Anyhoo, I love their products and customer service and will be ordering other products from them.  Results are amazing.
  • Chrissy
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant third
    Best sleep ever with vibrant third!
    I put it behind my knees. 
  • FR
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Game Changer
    I use the Peachy, Vibrant Third and Rebouce. These products are, no joke, a game changer when it comes to quality of life for those of us who are 50+. In my case, 60+. I had unnecessarily given up on sexual pleasure attributing it to "getting old".

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  • Marge c
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Good addition to the Peach Cream.
    I've found that this cream used in addition to the Peach cream, balances out my hormones perfectly. So my body lets me know if I need the progesterone cream, if I start having hot flashes, I use the cream. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I use it. I don't use it every day, just when I know that I need it.

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  • LynnS
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Saved My Life
    I went off HRT after 15 years and within 4 months began experiencing hot flashes (5x+) per day.   Brain fog, couldn’t sleep and being anxious was really getting to me.   A friend told me about Vibrant Third and honestly within a week of using I noticed a difference.

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  • Cindi L
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Using “Vibrant”, I noticed a change in my skin texture (even my boobs), my lotions seemed more effective.  Using  with Silky Peach, in less than a month, my partner noticed too!
  • Jane A
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Helpful Addition
    When I added the Vibrant Third, I began to sleep better through the night. I still wake up but I can get back to sleep better, versus sleeplessness and the racing mind.
  • DKW
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sleep again. Feel more balanced again... also rev up your libido

  • Denise Lewis
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great stuff!
    I have been using this for a good while now and I am really pleased with the results. 
  • Myrt
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Good product
    I have been sleeping better and it seems to be working well with me.
  • Virginia C.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Next best friend
    I use V3 as a compliment to SP as it balances me out. I sleep so well using this bioidentical progesterone and in the morning I'm feeling amazing.
  • Sharon M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third is great
    Thankful for this product! 
  • Jen P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Jen P
    The Progesterone cream has allowed me to move past my rage!! I probably remember things better & have more energy too, but my biggest issue was uncontrollable rage...and that is gone. Thank you Parlor Games for making a safe & effective product.

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  • Cindy P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant third cream is amazing.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had  focus, energy, determination; I was living in a haze, doing the bare minimum to get by, then I tried this magical cream.  I can’t pin point exactly how long it took to see results, one day I noticed I was happy.

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  • Cindy G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I’ve only been using V3 for two weeks so it’s a bit early to see recognizable changes. But I want to say that even if it doesn’t help me with post-menopausal symptoms, it is obviously helping other women. I am so frustrated with the medical profession that refuses to address or even recognize the issues that women deal with simply because we are maturing women.

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  • DHS
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third Progesterone
    Love Love Love!!! I discontinued taking an antidepressant over a year ago, Bad Mistake!
    I’m a 24/7 caregiver and patience is not my virtue😫 Your product plus Melatonin are wonderful!!!
    Thank you❤️😊
  • Nana10
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Aging gracefully
    The things your mother never tells you. I am older and my mother was from a very modest generation. I needed the help that only Parlor Games could give. Our whole body ages and the parts no one talks about get addressed at Parlor Games. SO many answers for the issues a woman encounters as she ages.

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  • Linda B.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Thankful again

    I absolutely love this product. It helps me sleep better and makes my body feel more balanced. I never knew what I was missing before this product. 
  • Christine H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great products
    I love this product. It Really does seem to help a lot. I recommend you try them.
  • Toni H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Good night sleep
                I have used the progesterone every other night for the past six weeks. I am getting a much better night sleep that I have for a long time.
  • Mary McDermott
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third works wonders!
    I don’t really understand all the science, but I know since using Vibrant third along with Silky Peach, everything works like it’s supposed to! As understand it, it’s important to use together for balance. All I know is I feel younger, have more  Energy and my sex life is great where it used to be non existent.

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  • Janis T
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Such a relief
    The product is dependable. I lather on soft tissue, arms, leg or chest before bed some nights. Has long last effect. I love this company. Every woman needs to k ow about this. A lot of older gals resign to no sex and no help at all. Suffering through.

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  • Julie H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this product
                This product does exactly what it says it will! Customer Service is also top notch! You won’t be disappointed.
  • Diane G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third
    Love it!! Stopped hot flashes and mood swings
  • Tess B
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Isolated glad to have found this

    This does help in just the way PG explains.
  • Leslie J
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third honestly works
    L Vibrant Third honestly helped me balance out my emotions. When I first started Peachy Cream I felt myself getting edgy and moody. I waited about two months before starting Vibrant Third to be sure of any side effects from either cream. Vibrant Third calmed the rollercoaster of emotions.

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  • Ginny K.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Nice quality
    I cannot find a good result, and I feel I am applying creams without knowing how to MEASURE the results. Life is just too busy to be doing things that I have no proof of results with. Thank you for the opportunity to review.
  • Nancy O
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Best stuff ever!
    My peach has not felt this way since I was in my 40's! I went from Stay Away From Me to Let's Go! Sex is fun again, my husband loves how it's worked as well!! Things in the bedroom are fun again. I just ordered the Vibrant 3rd, so I cannot wait to see if that helps as well!

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  • Julie P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Helping with nightt hot flashes?
    For years, I have suffered with night sweats, sometimes severe and several times a night. The hot flashes seem a little less frequent, though in the last 5 days, I wake up at 3:00 AM in a mild sweat. Hopefully, with more regular use, this will also decrease.
  • Nina P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I purchased this after using the SPC because I started getting hot flashes and night sweats. This completely stopped both of those. I now use it every other night and use the SPC on the days I don’t use this. It’s mind boggling how well these products work.

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  • Karen B
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Makes a difference
    I am glad that I tried this with the Silky Peach Cream. I use it several times a week and it has helped my immune system and digestion system be more normal.
  • Kara C
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Not sure
    I’m not sure if this is doing anything or not for me specifically but everything else I’ve used from this company has worked so well that I can only believe that it is. So I will continue to use it and I look forward to reaping more benefits!
  • Kris M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Dosing problems
    It was just to hard to remember to use it every other day, and not to put it on the same body part every time. I was pretty good at first, but I never noticed a difference. Of course, I never experienced the problems it was supposed to fix any way.
  • Maria. R
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Best products
    I use all 3 products the silky peach , vibrant and rebounder these products saved me. I didn't realize how many changes your body goes thru as we mature. Thank you
  • Rose R
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sleep is better
    I started out using q pump but was still having trouble sleeping so now I do 2 pumps nightly and that worked for me.
  • Kristel O
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I was lied to!
    After a hysterectomy, i was told i didn’t NEED progesterone. After many years of being on BHRT pellets with estrogen and testosterone, i started to do my own research and i came across parlor-games. I tried the Vibrant 3rd cream - i am a NEW woman!

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  • Need my brain!
    ✅ Verified Customer
    My brain is working again!
    I was getting forgetful, having to write everything down, opening the wrong drawers to get things. All of these things are getting better since using Balancing Third. I am most of the way through my 1st container & already having improvement! Thank you Parlor Games!
  • Austin P
    ✅ Verified Customer
    You will not be sorry
    I have been using products from Parlor Games for several years. I have found them to helpful and do what they promise. Each person is different and might take adjusting to little of this or that to your hormonal influence. I did not find the on/GYN teams to be helpful.

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  • Shewade
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Balance is the name of the game.
    I initially purchased Vibrant Third after reading how the product, when applied at bedtime, would help with falling and staying asleep. It did that! What I realized next was that, over about 6 months, a daily application for 5 days in a row (and two days off) had brought my progesterone level up to balance by estrogen level (I verified this using a test kit from Everlywell).

    Read More
  • Ellen S.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Power Surges down!
    I've used this product for about two months and seems the power surges are down to only a very few daily. Loving it so far.
* Here's how our Easy-Breezy Subscription works:

We know that some companies make it hard to cancel a subscription – that’s not us. Our mission is to save the world – one menopausal woman at a time! If you decide you don’t need Vibrant Third as an ongoing solution for hot flashes, brain fog, sleep problems, mood swings, or general vitality, we understand. Five days before we send your order every 2 months, you'll receive an email reminder about your upcoming shipment and a link to your customer portal where you can cancel, or push out your next ship date and change your shipment frequency.

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NOTE: We always recommend that women with a history or genetic risk of breast cancer talk to their doctors about the use of hormones and other medications in their healthcare regime.