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Love it! I am loving my V3 and the help it's provided my mood, libido, everything!
Lisa J. Relieved Customer
Feel Vibrant Again!
Vibrant Third Progesterone
Bio-identical Progesterone for balance and vitality.
2-3 month supply - 50ml
With your last period in the rear view mirror, it’s time for YOU. It’s time for you to feel vibrant, balanced, and ready for what the next thirty years will bring. Whether that’s being a fun grandma, starting a new business, traveling, being active in your community - a healthy body and brain supports all your goals. Our Vibrant Third progesterone cream provides just the right amount of progesterone to support healthy brain, bones, boobs, heart, digestion, immune system for many years to come.
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  • Just Because Your Body No Longer Makes Progesterone,
    Doesn't Mean You Don't Still Need It

    You do! Progesterone is VITAL for the health of many cells in the body. We may not need as much, but we still need it.

    We still got boobs, we still got brains (even if they are foggy sometimes), we still got skin, and digestive function, and joints, and everything we always had. Progesterone helps with all of these areas of the body.

    Progesterone is a must if you have (or want to avoid)...

    • Weight gain and bloating
    • Sleep problems
    • Brain fog
    • Increased Forgetfulness
    • Mood swings
    • Tender and Fibrocystic Breasts

    While Silky Peach Cream is rejuvenating your vagina and surrounding bits, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream works on a broader scale to maintain the health of your whole body.

    Unlike it’s ProgestIN cousin (which is the pharmaceutical version and is NOT bioidentical), bioidentical Progesterone Cream does NOT carry risks of blood clots and weight gain.

    Instead, Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream helps protect your breasts, heart, brain, hair follicles, and metabolism. And our unique proprietary formula contains antioxidants which are important for reducing inflammation.

    Plus, Parlor Games Vibrant Third Progesterone contains only the cleanest, most organic ingredients to ensure that you treat your body right. And all our creams are Paraben Free.

    Balance your hormones with Vibrant Third Progesterone Cream, formulated for post menopausal women..


    Deionized Water, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Progesterone, Cupuacu Butter*, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax*, Lactobacillus/Acerola Cherry Ferment, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sweet Almond Oil*, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Bacopa Monnieri Extract*, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract*, Marula Seed Oil*, Coconut Fruit Extract, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Cucumber Peel Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate (*Organic).
    Paraben Free

    Apply 1 pump of cream daily or every other day, rubbed into thin areas of the body e.g. inner wrists or behind the knees. Rotate between these areas routinely. Avoid fatty areas such as belly, inner thighs, and hips. Best applied at night for improved sleep.

  • Why do women need Progesterone?

    The body uses progesterone in hundreds of ways. Progesterone is typically associated with the reproductive cycle, but there is so much more. Progesterone is important for breast health, brain health, bone health, digestion, inflammation, reducing cholesterol, supporting cardiovascular health, enhancing thyroid function AND it helps with moods. You get the point - we could go on. Just because women are past menopause, it does not mean we don't benefit from bioidentical progesterone.

    How much Vibrant Third should I use?

    Vibrant Third progesterone has 25mg of progesterone per pump. Apply one pump daily to thin areas of the skin (inner arms, behind the knee, around the ankles). Progesterone is absorbed into the blood stream where it hitches a ride on a red blood cell and is spread around to all the places in the body where it is needed. Avoid applying on fatty tissue as the hormone will just sit there in the fat cells and not get to where it's needed. You can adjust your use as fits your body. Some women need progesterone every day, others every other day.

    When should I apply the cream?

    Progesterone can have a calming effect so is often best used in the evening. Progesterone can help improve the quality of sleep.

    Can I use progesterone for tender or fibrocystic breasts?

    Yes. Often tender or fibrocystic breasts are an indicator of too much estrogen in relation to progesterone. Estrogen is a hormone that encourages cell growth and progesterone is the natural balancer to that growth. Parlor Games Vibrant Third progesterone cream can be applied directly to breast tissue. Do not apply for more than 5 days in a row. After 5 days, switch to applying on thin areas of the skin.

    Why should I use progesterone if I am using estrogen?

    Estrogen is a hormone that makes cells grow - uterine cells, breast cells, skin cells, ovarian cells included. Estrogen is valuable and important to the body. Too much growth can cause a range of symptoms such as bloating, increased risk of blood clots, increased risk of breast cancer, increased gallstones, weight gain, breast tenderness, food cravings, headaches, increased triglycerides and more. Progesterone is a regulating hormone, regulating the body in many ways so that balance is maintained. Progesterone will limit endometrial growth, mature breast cells, normalize blood pressure, remove excess fluid, normalize blood clotting, resist cancer, strengthen immunity, decrease inflammation, decrease PMS symptoms for cycling women.

Overall Review Score
  • Shelby T
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third Changed My Life!
    I suffered with severe hot flashes all day and night. It was like my blood would turn into molten lava. My husband couldn't touch me without me going into a hot flash. I was desperate to try anything. I saw a Parlor Game ad and jumped on it! What did I have to lose? It was the best decision I ever made! I haven't had the molten lava feeling since I began using Vibrant Third Progesterone! I can hold hands and snuggle again! Thank you Parlor Games for giving me my life back!
  • Sand P.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sleep longer and sounder: YES Less forgetfulness: YES Less hair loss but a switch to natural bar shampoo + conditioner helped as well.
  • TONY M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    You gave me back my wife,amazing
  • Lynn D
    ✅ Verified Customer
    So far so good
    I could feel it the first time I used it. It even smells good! I haven't used it a lot yet because I am following directions, but I feel better already. My mood seems more stable. I can't swear to it, but it feels as if my skin is smoother now too. I am glad I took the chance to try this!
  • Carol M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Iam me again!
    When I started to add vibrant third to silky peach cream,it changed my life,the burning in my lady parts stopped, and I don't have to run to the bathroom every half hour,but what surprised me the most was my breast have came back,and they feel great,nice and soft,iam thrilled and so is my husband,sense iam 78 yrs. Old I never thought I could feel this good again!thank you ladys!
  • Karen M
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I had been walking around for months feeling like I had a 30 pound mask on my face. It was exhausting and I could barely open my eyes. I started rubbing V3 on the areas described, and within a week (honestly like 3 days) that weight had lifted and I felt so much better.
  • Penny Mc
    ✅ Verified Customer
    So many times when you use a product you are hoping it works like it is supposed to and too many times it doesn't. I am so happy with the bio identical progesterone and estrogen products! I have lost almost 10 lbs, my lady bits are now less tender and more moist and I am overall feeling less anxiety and better in mood! Thank you Parlor Games for taking care of me!
  • Dandy geandeeS
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sahara desert made lush again!
    Peachy and Vibrant Third have become such a great part of my healthy, happy living.  Both products have worked to combat post menopausal vaginal dryness that had left my whole vulva sand paper dry.  No one ever explained that as a COMMON problem.  I thought I was the only one who was such a mess that wiping was hard.  Or more realistically one of a few unfortunates.  Being part of a group who shares these burdens through the Parlor games FB support page has made me feel normal and has empowered me to normalize vaginal vulval health.  Daily when I wipe,  I am grateful!
  • Eliza
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great product
    My outlook has improved and I wake up
    Eager to face a new day! Took about a month to get everything back to comfortable. Natural menopause at 56 and 24 years later I finally found this product. Amazing results.
  • Roxy M
    ✅ Verified Customer

  • MelanieW
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Helps me Feel Good
                 I use this every other day and it’s mainly (for me) to offset or balance the estrogen effects of the silky peach cream .. overall feel better w use !
  • Annie V.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Thank you

    I am trying to keep my uterus and bones healthy as I age.  I believe this progesterone is helping me to do just that!  
  • Tammi R
    ✅ Verified Customer
    It's Amazing!
    I had been using another brand of cream (with soy and wild yam as its main ingredients) successfully to help replace the loss of progesterone during peri-menopause. It was definitely helpful, however after I had tremendous relief from using Silky Peach to replace estrogen, I thought I'd try their V3 for progesterone in June of 2023. V3 does what my previous cream did and way more! As I entered into post menopause, it seems I needed more support. V3 has really helped with trouble falling asleep and staying asleep as well as provided a decrease in general irritability/anxiousness. Overall, my sense of well being has elevated and I'm feeling more like myself, so I will not be without V3!
  • Jjd
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Sleep like a baby
    I love this stuff. I sleep through the night. I would recommend this product to everyone.
  • Relief!
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Stress Free
    When I read that this helps balance everything out I had to give it a try. I feel more motivated to do more than I have in a long time. Helps me keep up with my grandkids. I feel more calm and collected!
  • Catherine S
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Perfect Companion to Silky Peach
    When I first started Silky Peach, I noticed that I was getting migraines like I did during my menstrual cycle. After adding Vibrant 3rd, the headaches went away. After a period of time using Vibrant 3rd, I noticed that my brain fog was much better! For me, these two creams together are the 'Dynamic Duo!'
  • Suzanne C.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Game Changer!
    I tried everything for vaginal dryness, anything over the counter, lubes, as well as anything my Gyn prescribed! Nothing helped and I was depressed that my sex life was o-v-e-r! Then I came across the delightly humorous advertisements I found on Facebook. What did I have to lose? Within a few times of applying first the silky peach cream, everything changed! Then with reading more info I ordered and starting using the Vibrant Third Balancing Cream about 2-3 times a week as well. This became the "Game Changer" for both me and my husband of 41 years! Everything "works" like it used to, (so well that my husband tried to see if he could buy stock in the company! LOL!) I also posted about the products on a local Facebook site for Menopausal women and so many women tried it and thanked me for, one to have the courage to post about a subject that is not talked about enough, and two, for helping the other ladies have their " game changer' experience as well! I, and my husband, highly recommend Parlor Games products!
  • N Reid
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Nothing to report
    I didnt have any problem with this product like I did the silky peach however, I did not see any positive changes at all.
  • MaryLou
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Saved my sex life!!
    Took me a little bit getting the right balance with the SPC and Virbrant Third but once I did it brought the “lady bits” back to their younger days.
  • Nan L
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great emotional support
    Hi, I use Vibrant Third every other day or as needed. If I notice I am getting really down, unhappy, grouchy, moody, crying for no reason, you get it, I know I need to apply Vibrant Third. It grounds me, brings my moods up and calms me down. It also evens out my energy. It's a great product and I'm so glad I tried it. I've used Silky Peach for years and this is a great addition to my routine. I can't go without it now and I'm grateful for it!
  • Doreen. O
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this stuff
    Excellent product I’ve used it for months and it’s helped with all my menopausal symptoms.
  • Chanaf
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Orgasms back
    Not sure what else V3 does for me but my orgasms had almost disappeared after menopause. Like mild sneezes. They are not only back but stronger than they were even when I was young! And I know it’s the V3 because I stopped using it for awhile as I wasn’t sure if it was making any difference but kept using the peach both before and after. I’ll keep using V3. It’s great to have my sexuality back, better then ever! 
  • Cheryl R
    ✅ Verified Customer
    V3 Progesterone
    Having a very positive experience with SPC I wanted to try the V3. I use it twice a week. I experienced a dull lingering headache at first but with the speedy response and advice of the Parlor Games chicks I decreased the dose to half a pump instead of one full pump. I use it at night, I do find it helps with my sleep. Having read the overall health benefits it provides its worth a try.
  • Eva T
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Worth a try
    I am trying these products because I believe in this company and the science and integrity of the business. 
  • Beverly N
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Awesome purchase
    Thank you so much parlor Games , progesterone is so Awesome , I can’t live without it , it’s a must have now in my life which is so much better with Vibrant third Progesterone 
  • Meg L
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Still experimenting
    I’ve been experimenting with this cream for about a month and do believe I’ll find the right dosage eventually. Some people say they use it five days then off for two. Others only a couple times a week. I’m confident I’ll find my “sweet spot “. More will be revealed!
  • Elizabeth H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great stuff!
    I've been using this along with Silky peach for a few months and its made a huge difference! I used to have serious dryness and pain- all gone! Riding my bike is fun again! And intimacy also more fun! (I ordered the Good lubricant too) 
    I am on auto-ship for all these products to make sure I don"t run out!
  • Denise C
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Happiness in a bottle
    This cream has really helped make me feel like my old self. I'm less stressed feeling, more relaxed, sleeping better.
    I feel great. Highly recommend this product, easy to use, no pills to swallow.
  • Sharon A.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Great boost for aging body
    Tried Vibrant Third on a whim, as the Peachy Cream was such a winner for me. I believe this little boost has been helpful in my overall mental state... just better clarity each day. I will continue to use it!!
  • Alice D
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Totally balanced me out!
    I was needing to get control of my moods and hot flashes! Vibrant third has helped get my life back!
  • Hey H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Mood changer
    This product has changed my mood to joyful!  Thankful!
    Only have used it 3 times.
  • Tinarina
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third is an excellent product. The instructions are easy to follow and does help with dryness. I also like that it's bio identical so it's safe and won't cause cancer.
  • Monique B.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    The Best
    It really works!!!
  • S King
    ✅ Verified Customer
    It works!!!
    I’ve been using Vibrant third for about a year now. Everything was going great until I ran out and didn’t prioritize reordering. The hot flashes returned and lit a fire under me to get my order placed!
  • Glo G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Loving It
    I'm truly impressed.
    Sex is more enjoyable... less pain ... no more bleeding during sex... and no more itching and burning...
    I have been using the cream for 2 months and I must say I am truly impressed with it.
  • Kelly E
    ✅ Verified Customer
    All balanced!

    You ladies have thought of everything! Need to balance that hormone business! We start out with all of them why not replace all of them?
  • Joy N.
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Vibrant Third keeps me from getting that lower back hormone fatigue.
  • Jules
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love it!
  • Tamarah
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Unknown Importance
    I had no idea the benefits of Progesterone until I found this product and community. The support from fellow users and Parlor Games is unmatched. I live in Israel and buy several bottles at a time because it is that important to my overall wellness 
  • SoCalGal
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Hot flash relief at last!!
    I noticed after 2 weeks of using Vibrant Third 3 times a week that my hot flashes were far less frequent and less severe. I had been "flashing" several times an hour and wasn't sleeping at all. Now, after about 3 weeks, I am having a huge amount of relief, with only one or two flashes A DAY, which is major for me, after a year and half of suffering, night (and day) sweats. II've even slept through the night twice, which is absolutely a game-changer. I'm grateful beyond words for this product!
  • Sylvia G
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Bio identical hormones..👌
    I have now be on these two natural creams, Progesterone and Estriol for two months, trying to steer away from years of traditional HRT.
    I am 62 years old, and use Vibrant Third every night as well as Silky Peach Cream.
    The transition took a while for me. I needed to find the correct dosage, as hot flashes crept back..( I first was using   the Progesterone cream only every fourth day, which was not enough).
    I am in a good  place now, and enjoy not wearing an estradiol patch or having to take a progesterone pill.
    Since we are all different, don’t be scared to try and adjust as needed.
  • Lisa busy Nanae of 7
    ✅ Verified Customer
    This has been life changing stuff!
    This was recommended by a friend. I ordered and gave it a try. I could feel a difference in just a few days! I’m sold on it and started auto shipping. My joints aren’t hurting, I feel like doing more physical activity like yard work, playing in floor with grand kids and I can’t get up! My thinking is better too.
  • Scd
    ✅ Verified Customer
    God cream
    I started to use the cream at night about every couple nights. I did this because I have use started the other cream daily. I did this because of changes to my body. Some of those night sweats, dry , lower energy. All of those are great to be gone.
  • Samantha H
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Helps me sleep
    This helps me fall to sleep. I’m less restless at night. So that’s a plus. 
  • DBhappy
    ✅ Verified Customer
    saved my life!
    This cream really works! I got my mojo back!
  • Nirado S
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Love this product
    I love this product, love the company, love the women behind it. I'm so pleased to be a part of this group. I use the Estriol and the Progesterone and I can feel a huge difference in the balance of my hormones. Thank you all sooooo much!
  • MissChris
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I was using Peach Cream by itself but I wasn't having any results so I gave up. My Dr prescribed Estradiol, which I hated. I mentioned to my Dr about the Peach Cream so she looked it up & said "it sounds like a great product but you need to use the Vibrant Third with it" so I ordered it right away. I started using both together & WOOZA! Within 2 weeks, What a difference it has made in my life! It has changed how I feel mentally, physically & sexually! My Fiancee & I are finally back on track after 15 very long traumatic years in our lives. He was involved in a near fatal car accident that he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, so that took priority over everything in my life...hense the vaginal atrophy. We are so blessed that he has overcome so many obstacles we were told he never could. Long story short we take so much for granted including intimacy, I can't thank Parlor Games & your products for giving us another big part of our lives back. I would recommend Peach Cream & Vibrant Third to any woman, who is struggling with vaginal atrophy or problems with dryness or menopause. It a AWESOME product! And the Face Book page is also SO helpful & transparent!
  • KDogg
    ✅ Verified Customer
    I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now. I’ve noticed my moods have been excellent and I’m sleeping much better than I used to. I use it at night, three days a week. Easy to use and it smells nice. Thank you Oarlor Games! 
  • Gillian B
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Important information & Need for age ing successfully

    In the process of moving into - and through menopause - many products, some Dr prescribed some over the counter, this product seems to be the right fit for me
  • Irene V
    ✅ Verified Customer
    Silky Peach and Progesterone Cream
    All I can say is WOW. I went into nearly immediate menopause at age 45. No crazy periods or other precursors but it hit me hard. Horrible hot flashes every 15 min like clockwork. Then slowly my girls down there started protested sex with my husband. Yikes! It got to the point it hurt and obviously less natural lubricant there as well. I thought it was all over...curtains for me and my intimate life. Then this year, I found Parlor Games and thought "why not? I'll give it a try" As I was hopeless. I bought first the Silky Peach then the Progesterone Cream. Holy Cow. This stuff actually works. No more pain, bleeding or discomfort and I feel like being intimate again and more often! I cant express enough how much this helped me. I now use both daily exactly as prescribed and I couldn't be happier...my husband too! Thank you for such a life saving product.
* Here's how our Easy-Breezy Subscription works:

We know that some companies make it hard to cancel a subscription – that’s not us. Our mission is to save the world – one menopausal woman at a time! If you decide you don’t need Vibrant Third as an ongoing solution for hot flashes, brain fog, sleep problems, mood swings, or general vitality, we understand. Five days before we send your order every 2 months, you'll receive an email reminder about your upcoming shipment and a link to your customer portal where you can cancel, or push out your next ship date and change your shipment frequency.

Rather have us adjust your subscription for you? Just reach out to us through our "Contact Us" page or reply to any email we send you.

No hunting, no searching, we got you. Respect is where it’s at.

NOTE: We always recommend that women with a history or genetic risk of breast cancer talk to their doctors about the use of hormones and other medications in their healthcare regime.