“Lube doesn't solve the problem. Silky Peach Cream does.”

Kate Mundy. Happy Customer.


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Silky Peach Cream
End Vaginal Dryness

Silky Peach Cream - 1 Month Sample

Bio-identical Estriol Cream to restore your aging lady bits

There’s lots of things that make you feel sexy, but vaginal dryness isn’t one of them. With our clinical dose of bioidentical estriol, Silky Peach Cream helps restore plumpness, elasticity, and lubrication of vaginal tissue. And that means less itchy, scratchy, tearing pain and more comfort during intimacy. Win-win.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here's how the 40% off, 28 Day Challenge works:


We ship you a 28 day supply of Silky Peach Cream for only $12 (40% off our normal price) when you sign up for Subscribe & Save.

Follow the directions we include in the package and apply Silky Peach cream on your tender bits for 28 days.


On day 21 - it’s Decision Day:
We’ll send you an email with a special link and if you decide Silky Peach is nice but not your thing… you can click that link and cancel your subscription without even talking to anyone. Just click the button in the email – no hassle – no questions asked.

If you are like 72% of our Silky Peach customers, you’ll love it and can't imagine life without it. In that case, on day 24, we’ll welcome you to the Parlor Games family and ship out a 2-month supply of Silky Peach Cream to your door step every 2 months for just $29.95 (regularly $39.95 for a 2-month supply)


Important note about our easy-breezy subscriptions:
We know that some companies make it hard to cancel a subscription – that’s not us. Our mission is to save the world – one vagina at a time! If you decide you don’t need Estriol as an ongoing solution for hot flashes and keeping sex fun and comfortable again, we understand. Three days before we send your order every other month, you'll receive an email with a link to cancel right there in the message.

No hunting, no searching, we got you. Respect is where it’s at.

FYI – Estriol is beneficial for skin integrity and mucous membranes. It’s great for vaginal atrophy and also amazing for use on the face and neck. Applying a small amount – about a pump – can help build the collagen and plump up the cells to reduce wrinkles. Who knew!!

Try the 28 Day Challenge

With just 2 pumps a day, applied directly to your tender bits, Parlor Games Silky Peach cream takes those dry, fragile, stinging cells and plumps them up like they were in your younger years, making them soft, pliable, and moist again.

Day 1 to day 28

Try Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream & see the results for yourself!