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The Menopause Transition Report

Understanding the impact of the menopause transition can be half the battle for a lot of women. Your coworkers and your boss don't get it. Your kids don't get it. Your guy doesn't get it. Heck, even your doctor doesn't get it. Let's be real, this would make anyone a little crazy, but add in hot flashes and mood swings and it's a miracle there aren't more female serial killers aged 55+.

This study looks to change that, by doing widespread, diverse research into how women experience the menopause transition, and the implications that can have on healthcare (and life!).

This study is long, but it covers everything from:

  • How menses differ by race.
  • How menopause onset typically presents.
  • Length of menopause variations.
  • How factors such as sleep, mood, cognition, and vasomotor symptoms affect women.
  • The ramification of increased depression and anxiety in menopause.
  • The commonality of vulvovaginal symptoms.

They also take a deep dive on organ health, exploring how hormonal changes can affect the inner systems that affect overall quality of life for women.

Take a look now!