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Sex Drive & Menopause

Lowered libido is common post menopause, but why? Aside from things like pain, or changes to the vagina, there can be a significant number of underlying hormone mechanisms that affect the female sex drive. This study explores why that is and what we can do about it!

Lowered libido can mean that sex is not only painful, but doesn't hit our radar at all. There are a few studies that back this up; lowered testosterone due to menopause can be a factor, however, other studies have found that, "For most of the women, problems developed during the years immediately preceding and following menopause. Problems included disorders of sexual desire, sexual response and sexual behavior." It is not simply libido that takes a hit, but the whole spectrum of post-menopausal sexuality. This research looked at how our sexuality is affected due to changing hormone levels across the board, which then has collateral effects (such as emotional and psychosocial) that interfere with our sex lives. It also suggests that there is not one single issue that is affected, but rather a range of things, like libido, sensitivity, and even behavior. We've spoken in the past about how libido is a multifaceted issue, that hormones alone cannot simply fix, but they can definitely help with some issues that do arise.

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