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Progesterone Use in Menopause - A Review

Done in Germany, this was a comprehensive review of many other studies that looked at various other hormone replacement studies.

The key takeaway, "The administration of 200 mg/day progesterone over 12 days of a menstrual cycle or a daily administration of 100 mg combined with an estrogen are a safe and well-tolerated option to treat menopausal symptoms, with a better benefit risk profile compared to synthetic gestagens." Progesterone tends to be the overlooked hormone when it comes to menopause. Women are often treated with estrogens, but progesterone is either added as simply a balancing hormone, or deemed as not needed for women who no longer have a uterus/ovaries. However, as we have written about, this is not really true. Progesterone has over 400 uses in the female body, many of which are unrelated to reproductive organs. More and more studies, such as this, are examining the use of non-synthetic gestagens (HR), as well as progesterone as a type of hormone supplementation, to help combat some symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain, and more. The study also suggested that, "the transdermal administration of estrogen and progesterone did not lead to an increase in breast cancer rates " - though we always recommend those with a history of cancer check in with their doc before use!

You can view the whole study here:-