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​ Olive Oil & Skin Aging

We often hear from our ladies that 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or, EVOO) is a great lube, and if you ask Greek women, it makes a great skin moisturizer. If you ask any health foodie, it makes a great dietary addition, but what does the science say about this liquid gold? Myth or miracle?

This study is kind of wild, since rather than using people, they used human skin cuttings in olive oil to really see how the epidermal layer is affected by olive oil. The aim of the study was to see if skin and olive oil had positive interactions with regard to repairing aging skin. Their conclusion was that, "Olive oil reversed the high epinephrine level-induced reduction in epidermis and dermis thickness and collagen fibre content in ex vivo human skin. Olive oil attenuates stress-induced aging signs (thinner dermis and collagen fibre loss) in ex vivo human skin by reducing MMP-2 expression, ROS production, and ERK 1/2 and c-JUN phosphorylation." In layman's terms? Go buy some olive oil facial oil, because this stuff works!