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Musculoskeletal Pain in Menopause

This is a literature review that explored numerous different clinical studies and investigations of women with joint and muscle pain menopause onwards. This means that the information is drawn from a variety of different kinds of research and gives us a good birds eye view of the issue; in this case, why do women seem to have so much more musculoskeletal pain in menopause and beyond?

Aging, the loss of muscle mass, lifestyle changes (increased sedentary lifestyles), weight gain, and hormones are all discussed as causative factors. Interestingly, whilst HRT as a preventative or curative element has been explored, the focus has often been on testosterone or DHEA, largely for their role in muscle repair and anti aging related to testosterone.

However, there appears to be a strong link between estrogen and musculoskeletal issues - though the authors note that this has not been well enough researched to provide a definitive link. Ultimately, it would appear that, for women, estrogen plays a significant role in joint and muscle pain and HRT and wellness care needs to do more research into this area to better serve women.

Link: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/2053369118757537