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Menopause, Movement, and Mental Health

How does movement connect to mental health during menopause? According to this study, pretty significantly. Menopause isn't just hard on our bodies, it can be tough on our minds too. Between physiological changes, nasty side effects, and roller coaster emotions, we can feel out of shape and out of our minds.

This study looked at over a hundred women to see what exercise could do during menopause. The conclusion of the study? "Physical activity appears to enhance mood and menopause-related quality of life during menopause, however, other aspects of mental health may be affected only as a result of reduction in menopausal symptoms. Increasing cardiorespiratory fitness could be one way to reduce menopausal symptoms." The breakdown of this is a double whammy - not only does exercise improve mental health during menopause, it also decreases menopause symptoms, which further improves mental health. Win-win. The study also found that you didn't need to complete back to back IronMan challenges to get these effects, both walking and yoga were found to be effective methods of exercise that gave these results!