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How Stress Impacts Menopause

"Excessive stress, which leads to elevation of stress hormones, can also negatively affect reproductive ability, including by accelerating menopause."

Uh, YIKES! This study explored the link between stress and aging - and shows that stress, the cortisol production, and the resulting effects on your entire hormone picture - the results showed that stress is certainly NOT going to help your menopause!

This study was done in Korea, and was huge - it had over 3000 participants. The aim of the study was to better understand the link between stress and the onset of menopause. They looked at a variety of factors, and accounted for differences in things like income, age and BMI and still found that there was a correlation between age of menopause and stress. In a nutshell, higher stress meant earlier menopause.

This tracks, since other studies have found that stress also increases the duration and severity of menopause symptoms. To mitigate this, try to exercise, eat well, meditate, and supplement with things like Chaos Calmer - a proprietary blend of GABA, magnesium, and L-theanine to help tame the stress and bring back the Zen!