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Estriol and Breast Cancer Patients

Honestly? We just want to copy and paste this entire takeaway into the blog, but don't worry we will give you the TL;DR version. Women with a history or concern of breast cancer are prescribed vaginal estrogen therapy 50% less than other women with the same genitourinary symptoms and complaints (itching, dryness, pain). Why is this, and is it justified?

There are two aspects of this, firstly women who have breast cancer histories have been told to be wary about estrogens, but secondly, these women often have higher rates of GSM complaints due to the drugs that prevent/treat cancer. Women have been left to either worry about the risk, or find non-hormonal alternatives. But, the studies paint a much clearer - and safer! - picture. As they noted, "In 2018, the North American Menopause Society and the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health issued recommendations saying that vaginal estrogen could safely be used as a localized therapy for women either at high risk for or with a personal history of breast cancer." Their study, done with over 2 million women, backed this up. A key point one of the (FEMALE) moderators made... "oncologists "don't look at vulvas routinely, and they don't prescribe these products routinely, but 50% of women go off their endocrine therapy for breast cancer -- which is life-saving therapy -- because of genital and urinary complaints that they have."