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Effect of Dairy on Hormones

A lot of people have a hard time believing/admitting/accepting this, but dairy IS bad for you (and we say this knowing that parmesan is obviously delicious!), and it can actually raise the risk of breast cancer. Ironically, soy was demonized for increasing cancer risk and the opposite is true, and dairy has snuck under the radar and it is the one that can wreak havoc on our bodies.

This study examines this link and goes in depth on how dairy activates breast cancer receptors. The ultimate key takeaway from this study? "After adjusting for soy, dairy milk is positively associated with risk of breast cancer in this population (the population being women)." It was not a small study either, there were 52,795 North American women involved, initially free of cancer, followed for 7.9 years (29.7% were Black). This is significant, as many previous studies were small, or they looked at other (older) studies that had been done, whereas this was done in 2020, and was a comprehensive and widespread study across America. If you want to get really in depth in the dangers of dairy, the Beet has written this great article that also details a lot of other studies that highlight exactly why dairy, and the processing around dairy foods like cheese, is so bad for us - but specifically women, including lactose intolerance, cancer rates, high amounts of sugar, inflammation and hormone interactions.