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Do Dilators Help Dyspareunia?

Dyspareunia, or pain during sex, is a common complaint during menopause - but do dilators actually make a difference for women in menopause who might be struggling with pain, or penetration issues, during sex?


If the word dilator means nothing to you, we have a comprehensive blog (What Are Dilators) that takes the mystery out of them; in a nutshell, A dilator is essentially a tube shaped device designed to help gently stretch your vagina. They help to restore and expand your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissues. So, what does the science say about them?

This was a summary article that looked at all the other scientific research out there on dilators to look at trends and outcomes. The end summary goes like this - if you use dilators, consistency of use, alongside meditation, you can improve vaginal discomfort > "Factors that showed trends toward improved patient outcomes were length of dilation treatment (greater than 3 months) and use of meditation and soothing music."

It is important to note that it takes time - the vaginal canal tightening and cellular decline takes place over many years, and it is rarely fixed overnight. The dilators, per the study, showed improvement when they were used for 3+ months. The study also noticed that the best outcomes occurred when the dilators were used in conjunction with topical estrogens.

You can view the whole study here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32014450/