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​Review of Clinical Data (on Topical Estriol)

Estriol is a key ingredient in Silky Peach, and the active repair ingredient, that can help strengthen the cells and reduce atrophy, lower UTI risk, and even help with incontinence. Here is what the research on Estriol says!

This particular science is actually a review of several other pieces of clinical data that reviewed topical estriol in strengths ranging from 0.05% to 1%. They showed that - in extreme low dose (0.05%) estriol is even safe for those with a history of breast cancer, and in a higher dose (1%) estriol shows great efficiency at treating many symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. Silky Peach dosage is higher than 0.05%, so we would recommend that women who have a history of breast cancer talk to their oncologist before using.