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The Kitchen For Your Kitten: The Science Behind Silky Peach Cream

Let’s face it, looking at the back of the packet is key nowadays. You’ve got to know what goes into what you eat and what you put on your body. When it comes to food, the formula is simple - try and eat things with few ingredients that you can pronounce. When it comes to lotions and potions...it’s not so simple.

This is because extracts are used, and chemical compounds derived from natural ingredients can have pretty scary sounding names.

We thought we’d make things a little easier on you by detailing not only what goes into Silky Peach Cream, but also why it goes in there, and how we make it, giving you a complete picture of the cream you have come to know and love (or will soon!)

When we put on our lab coats and dove into the chemistry kitchen, our goal was to create a cream that was as organic as possible and free from junk - especially parabens.

So, let’s take a little look at the contents.

🧈 Shea Butter (full of nutrients, including vitamin A)

🐝 Beeswax (helps lock in moisture and keeps skin firm and plump)

🌻 Sunflower oil (rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it helps lock in moisture)

🧈 Cupuacu Butter (helps dry, damaged skin and combats free radicals in skin tissue)

We mix these oils together to blend them. The mix is pretty thick and oily, so the next step is to add deionized water to make a cream that is lighter and easier to absorb into your skin. Since water and oil separate, we need to add an emulsifier to blend them. We use stearic acid, an emulsifier that is a naturally occurring saturated fatty acid, derived from vegetable fats.

The next step is to make it more shelf stable; we want to make sure bacteria and fungi won’t grow in our cream. To prevent 🍄 and 🦠 we use radish root, phenoxyethanol, gluconolactone and sodium benzoate. To prevent mold and yeast, we use potassium sorbate, considered one of the safest preservatives available.

Part of making our cream shelf stable includes ensuring the oils don’t go rancid. This is done by adding the following antioxidants: 🧴Vitamin E and 🌱 Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, both of which are powerful antioxidants and help maintain moisture retention.

Then, we add in some not-so-secret sauce ingredients to make sure Silky Peach Cream is extra special:

🥥Coconut Fruit Extract, to help aid the skin’s natural barrier function, and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

🥒Cucumber Peel Extract, for cooling properties, amino acids, proteins and minerals.

🥛Lactobacillus, a probiotic that helps lower the pH of the skin, but increasing lactic acid production.

💧Humectant, a glycerin derived substance that attracts moisture to the skin.

Next, we add xanthan gum as a natural thickener and to help keep the oils and water mixed together. We add in the magic ingredient ✨ bioidentical estriol ✨, and the final touch is sodium hydroxide to hold the pH of the cream at the right level.

Once everything is combined, the mixture is cooked on a low heat to blend all the ingredients together. As the mix cools it begins to thicken into the Silky Peach estriol cream we all love to 💖. If you appreciate this blog, you may also want to read more about The Variety of Vibrant Third.