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Holy Lasered Labia

What is the Mona Lisa Laser, and how does it help my vagina?

Well, in spite of our hilarious title, the Mona Lisa treatment doesn’t actually laser your labia, rather it lasers inside the vagina - like this:


How Does it Work?

Lasers are light devices that work at a range of frequencies in the light spectrum. Different frequencies can be used for different purposes. Carbon dioxide laser light has been used for several decades to ablate (remove) damaged skin layers. The laser energy that is emitted by such lasers is absorbed by water in the tissue that is being treated. The heat from the laser generates thermal micro millimeter tissue damage and also works to naturally increase blood flow and lubrication to help improve the natural function of the vagina.

What are the stats?

There is no denying that the Mona Lisa laser is an effective treatment. Of 100 women studied, 84% found improvement from genitourinary symptoms after lasering.

The cost is $1,800 total for the initial series of vaginal dryness treatment sessions. Women are counseled to return every 12-to-18 months for additional treatments, which cost $500 each.

Pros, Cons, and Laser Luck!
The two major cons are obvious right away; 16% of women do not find relief - which is actually a not insignificant number, and the cost is A LOT! On top of that, it is not a permanent solution, meaning if you get it, and then need more after a year, you’re looking at around $2300 for the year, and $500 every year thereafter.

On the upside, the treatment is fast and relatively painless - for some women, the insertion of the laser wand is uncomfortable, but otherwise, the treatment does not require anesthesia.

The laser verdict? The cost and the potential of no relief means it is a high risk option when there are affordable, low cost options, that are also clinically studied, that might offer long term relief.

Like what?
Look, we can’t help it that our best selling Silky Peach Cream happens to be that exact thing. A low dose topical estriol cream with 1mg of bioidentical estriol in each pump, which has been clinically shown to be a safe and effective treatment for vaginal atrophy and other genitourinary issues that stem from menopause related hormone loss.

Sorry Lasers, I guess today just isn’t your day.