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When it comes to your hormones...


Picture of woman holding salivary hormone test kit


Picture of woman holding salivary hormone test kit


“I'm 53 and using bioidentical hormones, but it feels like flying blind! Testing my hormones showed me all my current levels AND supplementation ranges. My next steps are clear!” —K.H.

Menopause Can Bring On A Confusing Array Of Symptoms...

...Some of which are hard to even identify as menopause-related.

That often has us playing symptom wack-a-mole with all kinds of remedies and hormones.

And while you can find success with careful experimentation, it’s so much easier to find that delicate balance our body needs when we have more information to guide our decision making.

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Getting Good Hormone Data

Woman freaked out

Historically we’ve only been able to gather data about our health when working with doctors.

But only about 1 in 5 doctors have any training in post-menopausal women’s health, which too often leaves us managing our own healthcare in menopause.

Luckily, our generation is better-equipped to tackle our menopause symptoms than ever before.

Women have access to information, we can get bioidentical hormones online, and now we have access to Salivary Hormone Testing—a tool previously only available through integrative health practitioners.

Hormone Knowledge Is Power

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Hormones are not only part of reproduction, they are involved with everything

From the time we are conceived to the time we die, our endocrine system regulates all biological processes, including the development of the brain and nervous system, the strength of our bones, the health of our cardiovascular system, as well as helping manage metabolism and blood sugar.

And the reason menopause can feel so crappy is that many key hormone levels drop significantly from age 45 onwards. 

The endocrine system is a sensitive system in our body, and when we can tune it up just right, we can feel great, but if we have too much or insufficient amounts of various hormones, we can feel worse.

That’s where Salivary Hormone Testing comes in.

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Super Saliva


Most physicians order blood tests, but blood only shows the total amount of hormones in your body, and some of those hormones are already “bound” and unavailable for use.

Saliva tests are uniquely suited to measuring hormones because they filter out unusable hormones, and show you the amount of active hormones that your body can actually use. Saliva is the only effective test if you are using topical hormones.

Which Hormones to Test?


Post-menopause, there are some key hormones that impact symptoms. Knowing these levels can help guide you in making appropriate adjustments.

Estriol: an estrogen vital for skin, elasticity, collagen, & vaginal health.

Estradiol: an estrogen important for bone, memory, serotonin, glucose transport into the brain, nerve growth factor, & improving insulin sensitivity.

Estrone: an estradiol metabolite, it is important to know its not getting too high.

Progesterone: this helps with sleep, reduces cholesterol, diuretic, supports thyroid, helps with fat burning, and mood regulation.

Testosterone: important for brain health, strength and vitality, libido, orgasm, bone density.

DHEA: a precursor hormone needed for stress management motivation, well being, & immune function memory.



Data With Depth

We give you information you can actually use

With just four saliva samples, you will have the answers you need about your hormone profile.

But we don’t stop there - our hormone tests are made with menopausal women in mind - meaning we give you your hormone results, optimal hormone ranges (not ‘normal’), and - we give you established supplementation guidelines.

We don’t just give you a bunch of random numbers -you can see where you are, ideal hormone ranges, and your options to getting there. 

You don’t need a medical degree to understand our results, but, if you’re ever confused, our team is there to help along the way, with blogs, scientific research, and menopausal women (yes, our team!) just a phone call away.

Salivary Hormone Testing Is For Women Who...

  • Have tried pharmaceutical remedies or other menopause products without success
  • Have tried bioidentical hormones for 2-3 months, but are still struggling with symptoms
  • Have successfully reduced some symptoms only to trigger new ones
  • Or just have a deep desire to know their body well, and want to tackle menopause with as much data as possible
Hormone testing provides the insights you need to supplement more confidently.

Select Your Saliva Testing Kit

6 Hormones Tested:

  • Estrogens (Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone)
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA

10 Hormones Tested:

  • Estrogens (Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone)
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Cortisol (4x through the day)

Why Women Love It

Cyndi F and partner

“I went from having horrible pain with sex to enjoying it again in only 4 weeks! This stuff is MIRACULOUS!”

Cyndi F.

“I was taking estrogen and getting NO relief. Quit the estrogen and tried Silky Peach. No more pain during sex, no more dryness and irritation, no more urinary leaking!!”

MaryAnn W.
Cynthia C.

“I was to the point of 'tissue paper' down there and avoided intimacy for years. This has change my entire situation to one of comfort and me being the one to instigate again. What a confidence builder - and he is over the moon!!”

Cynthia C.

Easy, Peasy At-Home Testing


Order Your Kit

Order the test and read the instructions thoroughly. All the info you need for the forms, collection, and return can be found in the package, and we have lots of info on our blogs too! 


Collect Your Samples

Collect your saliva at the designated times. You will be collecting 4 saliva samples at different times. Be sure to read the collection instructions. 


Wait For Results

Return the sample and wait for the results. Our lab will generally have your results back and ready for you in 7-10 days. In the meantime, we have a blog that covers all things menopause! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get my results back?

    From when FedEx picks up your sample it usually takes 7-10 business days for the sample to get to the lab, to go through the lab processing, for the results to be reviewed, and for the test to be available on our Lab Test Portal. We send you an email when the results are ready for you to access.

  • How do I access my results?

    You will receive an email that will have the instructions on how to access your results. Take a few minutes to read through the instructions a couple of times and then you’ll be ready to set up your access and download your results.

  • Why can my hormone tests from my doctor be “normal” but my saliva test shows I am low in some hormones?

    “Normal” reference ranges are not the same as “optimal” reference ranges. For example most women by age 70 will make very little estrogen, progesterone, and not much testosterone or DHEA. It is “normal” for levels to be low. However, it is often precisely the lack of hormones that results in symptoms. While those symptoms might be “normal” and common for a woman of 70, that doesn’t mean something can’t be done to resolve those symptoms. Adding hormones and getting her levels into an optimum range will help her be healthy and well.

  • Why isn’t saliva testing covered by insurance?

    It’s an interesting question—because saliva testing has been around for decades. Medicare generally does not cover saliva testing. Some private insurance may cover it, but many insurance companies still consider it “experimental” and so don’t cover it. 

  • What is the difference between the Comprehensive Plus and the Menopause Hormone Panel?

    The main difference is the number of hormones tested. The Comprehensive Plus has all the sex hormones ( Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Progesterone, DHEA and testosterone) and Cortisol at 4 times during the day for a total of 10 hormones and provides a full hormone picture. The 4 cortisol samples allows the lab to plot the Cortisol Curve for a full picture of adrenal function. 

    The Menopause Hormone Panel includes just the sex hormones for a total of 6 hormones.

  • Why isn’t saliva testing covered by insurance?

    It’s an interesting question—because saliva testing has been around for decades. Medicare generally does not cover saliva testing. Some private insurance may cover it, but many insurance companies still consider it “experimental” and so don’t cover it. 

  • What is estrone and why test it?

    Estrone is one of the three major estrogens and is much weaker than the power punching estradiol. Estrone can be converted to estradiol. Estrone levels will likely stay the same or may increase after menopause. Estrone is usually the only main estrogen found in post menopausal women. Estrone can be metabolized to both healthy and unhealthy metabolites. Estrone levels which are higher than the usual age range could lead to higher levels of harmful metabolites, especially those associated with a higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Knowing if your estrone levels are high is part of understanding any potential risks for developing breast and ovarian cancer.